About Me

I am Antonin, a french classical-trained pianist.

This website is a part of my project of transcribing and making available some piano musical pieces whose sheet music are not published.

Among my transcriptions projects, I started to gain interest for old piano rolls companies like QRS, Aeolian, Imperial, etc. There are a lot of channels on YT that shows the rolls in action, but none of them are available as sheet music, although they are amazing arrangements. I was listening to some rolls by J. Lawrence Cook and I said to myself : “I want to play that!” That’s why I started transcribing them.

Besides, I think it is important to preserve this huge collection of songs from another era. Some people started a digitization process, but I think sheet music is the way to go, as the music will always live through the people who will play it.

I transcribe only by ear, this represents a tremendous amount of work for each piece, but I think it is worth it.

Thanks for checking out my website, and please contact me if you’re interested in requesting a transcription.